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Infrastructure Technologies

Infrastructure Technologies is a multi-faceted company with years of successful experience servicing America’s most demanding clients!  We’re a provider of mobile inspection solutions for water, wastewater, storm and pipeline inspections!  Our premier ITpipes software enables clients to more effectively collect, analyze, manage and integrate their pipeline inspection data. Our consulting services group works with clients to streamline and automate their inspection processes while integrating into existing systems.

Asset Inspection Industry

ITpipes is built upon a foundation of industry experience and visionary innovation. Take advantage of I.T. expertise and ITpipes software features, designed to help facilitate streamlined inspecting and manage a quality repository of inspection data.

• Innovation

– ITpipes software is designed to be the easiest and most flexible inspection tool on the market.
– I.T. stays on the leading edge of inspection technologies to provide effective and comprehensive solutions.

• Experience

– I.T. leadership and personnel represent decades of experience in the inspection industry.
– Take advantage of I.T. training and professional services to best apply ITpipes solutions to your inspection needs.

Software Deployment

ITpipes software can work with various hardware to meet the needs of your mobile inspection system, including:

  • Tablet with Windows OS
  • iPad or Android tablets
  • Full size computer system (rack mounted or desktop)
  • Laptop
  • Check out our Turn-key solutions

ITpipes Core License

The powerful ITpipes core license is the base package. The core license gives you intuitive data entry screens, configurable forms, printouts and settings, unlimited asset and inspection storage, and impressive quality control tools. For data organization, the core license provides searching, sorting, filtering, grouping and project management tools. This is a single-use license, controlled via online registration.

Assets Workspace

This screenshot displays the asset list, asset detail on the right, and observations /inspection detail at the bottom.
This screen shot also shows an “active” drop-down in the toolbar, reflecting that there are multiple inspections for this asset.

Video Capture Module

This module enables ITpipes to work with off-the-shelf video capture hardware for automated snapshot and video capture control. With default WMV video recording and options for other formats, ITpipes eliminates operator steps and simplifies sharing of information with users. Unique user alerts and automated features assist with finalization of one video per inspection, no “missed” video and organization of snapshot/video files.

Overlay Module

This module generates crisp, clear text to appear on video and communicates with camera hardware to bring in sensory information such as distance, inclination or other data. ITpipes works with camera manufacturer’s hardware including Rapidview/Ibak, Aries, Cues, Ipek/Envirosight, Inuktun, and obsolete “WinCan America/Ipek” overlays, and other camera hardware.

Manhole Module

This module has all the functionality available with the core license, but is specifically geared towards “structures” or manholes. This includes unique printouts and manhole connection tracking information.

Lateral Module

This module has all the functionality available with the core license, but is specifically geared towards “sub-lines” or lateral/residential pipelines that are subs off a main pipeline. This includes unique printouts and lateral tracking information. This can be used with launch type lateral cameras or push type lateral cameras.


This module tracks grouting information, automatically tallies grout reports, and has unique printouts to provide summary grout results. This modules integrates with Aries grout hardware to automatically bring in reading information.

Inspection Solutions

Learn about ITpipes features and benefits, the powerful Core License and other advanced functions and applications.

  • ITpipes
  • Core License
  • Licensing Packages
  • Analysis
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Hardware Integration

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