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I.T. Pipes - Pipeline Analysis

Pipeline Inspection Software

ITpipes takes your individual asset inspections and turns them into actionable intelligence. With the analysis module, as an add-on to your ITpipes core license, you have unparalleled reporting features.  Our unique SmartTabs©  feature provides comprehensive, instant access to the information you need, when you need it, with only a single-click.   And SmartTabs©  can instantly be visualized on your GIS map when the analysis module is used with GIS modules.  By configuring your ITpipes core license, you can create tracking, planning, scheduling or any other type of reporting needed.

Features/Benefits of the Analysis module include:

  • Users can save SmartTabs© with pre-defined filters, queries, and as-displayed information. Through advanced “drill-down” filtering, configure the SmartTab© to display as much or as little detail as needed.
  • As new inspections are synced into the central inspection database, the inspection data is instantly funneled into your dynamic SmartTabs© and other reports.
  • All configured fields in your ITpipes forms are available inside the Analysis module – this means you can track any and all information you put into ITpipes. This can range from future activity planning to custom severity ratings and other types of info.
  • The analysis module allows users to input their own pipeline analysis SQL queries for use inside ITpipes reporting.
  • Reports can be opened directly in Excel and include any searches, sorting, grouping, filtering, queries or other data designs. If you can’t get what you need from ITpipes and Excel, our back-end database is open architecture and simple to work with.
  • The Analysis module is especially powerful when used with I.T.’s GIS mapping modules.  Extend your advanced queries across platforms for powerful results!

Pipeline Analysis – Add-on Modules

*Note: The ITpipes product package will vary by customer needs. This is evaluated prior to sale and implementation and we recommend a package for you. Below is a list of common options that clients add-on to the ITpipes core license for manholes. 

Analysis Module

This module gives you actionable intelligence from your inspections. The drill-down filtering and querying, combined with the ability to display unlimited data fields creates a SmartTab accessible with a single-click. Users create multiple SmartTabs for instant access to pre-configured reports and exporting of data to Excel or plotting to their ESRI GIS.

The analysis module functions for any type of asset module purchased, for example:

  • pipes
  • manholes
  • laterals and more.


TechScope EZW-II™

Computerized Portable EMI Drill Pipe Inspection System with True-Wall™ Technology

The New Tech Systems’ TRUE-WALL solid state continuous wall monitoring system monitors 100% of the wall surface AND not “localized wall loss only” as on other systems.

The TRUE-WALL system allows the inspection company to detect wall anomalies in both Dynamic AND Static modes. In other words, it allows the operator to detect wall loss while the pipe is moving through the inspection head AND position the suspected wall loss area inside the head and “park” on the exact location of the wall loss and display it in real-time on the computer screen.

The prove up process is much faster since the TRUE-WALL System identifies the exact area of wall loss for the operator. There is no other comparable system available on the market and the TRUE-WALL is proven to be the most advanced wall monitoring system.

GIS Select

This module enables users to instantly plot information between their GIS and ITpipes. This can be useful for field personnel to see their location and “nearby” assets, for users with reporting needs to plot filtered, queried reports to their map, or for users working with scheduling crews, maintenance and other planning.

GIS Plot

GIS plot is for analysis and reporting! Users can instantly plot any SmartTab or filter created in ITpipes onto their GIS map. This can include asset, inspection, or observation level detail with additional information such as severity rating, infiltration level, or other analytics!


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