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IBAK - Inspections Equipment - Donison NDTFounded in 1945 as a small consulting engineering firm, IBAK is today the biggest manufacturer and supplier of pipe inspection systems and is at the same time the oldest company in the trade. With our more than 65 years of experience and the extremely high demands we place on our products – and also on ourselves – we provide optimum benefit to our customers. More than 300 people work day for day at our locations in Kiel and our branch offices in Krefeld, Georgsmarienhütte/Osnabrück and Illerrieden/Ulm to ensure that this stays this way.

IBAK products work in the dark, but their success is visible. Throughout the world operators use the innovative sewer inspection system by this Kiel-based market leader. IBAK’s presence is felt all over the globe.

IBAK’s Invention

When the company founder Helmut Hunger set up his business “Ingenieur Büro Atlas Kiel” in 1945, he did not give a thought to going global. It was his personal quest to develop perfectly functioning precision instruments. Even today IBAK is just as passionate about meeting those targets. Finding innovative and user-friendly solutions is always the company’s prime objective. It thus comes as no surprise that the IBAK organization, after many years of research and development, presented the first sewer TV inspection system in the world in 1957.

From Human to Human

Products by IBAK are technological masterpieces. And with one in six of our over 300 colleagues working in research and development, that is no wonder. Our highly experienced engineers, the continuous exchange of ideas with customers and the well-established cooperation with universities and professional bodies all ensure the development of trend-setting technologies and their conversion into practical designs.

The result is that IBAK systems are powerful, durable, user-friendly, low-maintenance, high-tech solutions. Quality shows What started in Kiel is now well known throughout the world. Just as every year Kiel welcomes the world for its “Kieler Woche” – the biggest sailing event in the world – IBAK sets its course for more than 40 countries. All IBAK products have one thing in common: they provide ‘made in Germany’ quality. All system components as well as the hardware and software are developed, produced, assembled and tested by IBAK. Relevant standards, such as ISO, DIN, all EC Directives as well as ATEX and IECEx certificates of quality, constitute merely the minimum requirements for us.

Count on IBAK

With their high quality standards, IBAK products are always a safe investment. Despite the exceptional characteristics of our products, economic factors have always been decisive. Protect the environment Just as every department of IBAK is governed by a strict environmental management system to protect natural resources, so also do IBAK’s inspection systems contribute to environmental protection. IBAK systems detect damage in fresh water pipes and sewers, thus helping to protect our valuable drinking water for the future.

The Extraordinary Driving Experience

When talking about innovation, that is where the PEGASUS HD camera, with both its fully HD high-resolution and the brilliant picture it produces, as well as the digital PANORAMO sewer inspection system shine brightest. Driving through the world of sewers with the PANORAMO is a unique 3D experience. Analysis of the entire inspection data is not carried out in the inspection vehicle on-site as was previously the case. Instead it is analyzed in the comfort of the office, although the feeling of working with a pan and tilt camera in the pipe remains.

IBAK - Remote Cameras-Donison NDTCan be configured depending on the requirements and applications. The various camera models are compatible with the different trolley or push rods.
IBAK - AlliGator - Donison NDTPowerful and Robust products with autonomous systems for flexible and efficient work.
IBAK-IKIS-Report-SoftwareWith the IBAK software channel TV inspection is an easy matter. With the wide variety of tools, data can be optimally absorb and evaluate at a later date.
IBAK - Leak Testing - Donison NDTIBAK – leak testing of house drains and house sewers – has extended its modular system of sewer TV components with the IBAK DPS Leak Testing System

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Pole Cameras & Float Cameras

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