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IBAK - Inspection Systems

Individual Components of Canal TV

Donison NDT is pleased to present you with the IBAK Video Inspection equipment.

IBAK is the oldest, largest & most advanced manufacturer / supplier of video inspection equipment, having built their first sewer inspection camera in 1957. The German-made IBAK video equipment provides the highest quality equipment with the highest technology level of all video inspection manufacturers.

With this advanced technology comes the easiest equipment operation with intelligent components that communicate with the system & only allow the controls to function with their available features. This means that the operator doesn’t need to remember specific parameters about the equipment in order to operate this specialized equipment.

With just a short training period, most operators can become extremely proficient at operating the equipment allowing them to concentrate on their primary function of inspecting the pipelines.

IBAK also has equipment that allows the operator to simply install the camera/crawler (Panoramo) into the pipeline and press the record button while traveling through the pipe at up to 21m/min.

There is no need to stop to make inspections as the camera records a full panoramic 3-Dimensional View both forward & reverse of the pipeline. This recorded information may then be analyzed as a video file or lay-flat section, allowing a rapid post inspection of the line at any time.

This also allows an inspector with a higher skill-set to remain in the office to review the video & code the pipe accordingly.

The IBAK video inspection equipment helps make your operation more profitable while generating high quality results.

Complete Systems

Portable Mainline System, Compact Ventura/Mainline System

Individual Components

Modular IBAK Inspection Systems: Cameras, Tractors, Cable Drums and Winches.

Vehicle Outfitting

IBAK’s core business activity is fitting out inspection vehicles. Whether plug and play solutions in the form of ready-made mounting elements or fully equipped vehicles: everything is designed for day-to-day operation in harsh environments.

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