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Remote View Cameras

See It. Jet It. Forget It.

JetView Remote Cameras - Donison NDTJetView has been Designed Exclusively for the CCTV Pipeline Inspection Industry.

Does this sound like you?

  • Cleaning from one end while the camera is at the other
  • Camera Operator talks to Jet Operator via cellphone or radio
  • Its noisy, hard to hear and Jet operator is blind
  • Cleaning proceeds , but slowly, due to poor communications
  • Some sections need to be gone over twice – even three times?
  • Jet nozzle or cutting equipment collides with your camera and transport.
  • Jet nozzle or cutting equipment falls into a hole within the pipe.

JetView can help.  Give eyes to your guys.  JetView is a video transmission system that will let your operators see inside the pipeline.  The Jet operator will see the same image that the camera operator sees – in real-time.  Imagine the improved control and improved productivity over the traditional method.  At the same time, the camera can be safely away from the cleaning process.  Improved productivity, improved performance, reduced fresh water usage and less risk.  Get it done quickly, correctly and forget about it.  Move on to the next section.  JetView is the only patent pending product of it’s type in the industry, it has been developed to adhere to local, state and federal regulations.

Turn Key Solution

Simple Setup provides an instant solution, just mount the JetView unit on any steel surface on the jetting equipment, place the transmitter in the cctv equipment, connect video cable and your done.  JetView is designed to be weather resistant to avoid damage from water infiltration.

Risk Mitigation

Real-time Video from CCTV Vehicle or any video producing device provides operators the ability to see the condition of the pipeline that they are working on.  Giving the jet operator the ability to make instant corrections to the machinery to complete a task in a more efficient manner in addition to avoiding unnecessary damage to the pipeline or to camera equipment.

Remote Viewing from any Video producing device

You will have the ability to view camera feeds up to 1200 feet (direct line of sight) between JetView Unit and video producing device.  JetView can be utilized by the plumbing community to provide customers with a view of their sewer pipe during a home inspection without needing the customer to be in your work-space.

CCTV Inspection Vehicle or any Video producing device with 12V power
For Standard Mounting package, a steel surface is required for elevated mounting.

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