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KISAE TECHNOLOGY is an international power solutions company that designs, markets, and sells a complete line of advanced power product solutions into over 40 countries around the world. Every day we challenge the belief that society has to be tied to the grid in order to have access to electricity. This challenge is realized in KISAE’s new-gen power products. These ‘green’ solutions daily touch the lives of people throughout the globe in:

  • Industry, for powering critical on-board systems in emergency vehicles, fleet trucking and warehouse vehicles.
  • Leisure, for powering on-board systems in RV and Marine markets.
  • Portable Power situations for camping and business travelers.
  • Emergency Backup, to provide power for homes and businesses during power outages and storms.
  • Solar Power, for off-grid ‘green’ remote homes and cottages.
  • Rural Electrification, providing dependable, reliable ‘green’ power for use in homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and medical clinics in the developing Third World.




KISAE-Markets-SolarPeople living in rural areas off-grid in isolated remote homes, cabins, and RVs, and in developing and emerging countries share a longstanding need for simple, convenient, and economical power solutions to provide for and improve their quality of life.

Providing reliable solutions to generate, measure, control and distribute energy for each of these groups provides a foundation for KISAE Solar’s existence today and into the future.


KISAE Leisure

KISAE-Markets-LeisureKISAE Leisure power products are ideally suited for the needs of the Leisure customer – boaters, RV/caravan owners, campers, and truckers – wanting to run and recharge their household comforts and devices when travels take them far and away from household utility power.


KISAE Portable

KISAE-Markets-portable-powerSociety’s need for electric power has been magnified by its desire to do more things on the go and in remote locations.  Business travelers, hikers, tent campers, and vehicle drivers alike are all demanding power to recharge their devices and run their equipment…anytime & anywhere.

The lightweight and compact design of KISAE Portable power products make them ideal choices for satisfying a power hungry world with an appetite that never sleeps.


KISAE Backup

KISAE-Markets-Backup-powerSevere weather and power outages can happen at any time, and without warning.  KISAE Backup power products work to keep your vital applications running when power from the utility is disrupted.  Beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly, some KISAE Backup solutions even incorporate solar energy as an input source, providing further peace of mind as well as a another step toward a greener society.


KISAE Pro for Industry

KISAE-Markets-IndustryWhether for powering tools in a service vehicle, computer equipment in an ambulance, monitoring equipment in telecommunication towers, or simply providing a power source to an OEM that manufactures vehicles, KISAE Pro power products – inverters, inverter-chargers, and battery chargers – are perfect for industrial applications. Engineered around an outstanding super-structure of new-gen pure sine wave output components, high-performance throughput circuitry and optimized powerflow inversion, KISAE delivers leading-edge performance across the board.


Home Power Systems

KISAE has designed a complete line of plug and play solar kits that produce power from internal batteries, and then can use utility power or solar power to replenish the batteries.

Modified Sinewave Inverters

Modified sine wave power inverters convert DC battery voltage into household AC voltage.  The modified sine wave is a mechanically produced equivalent of a pure sine waveform. The output wave is stepped rather than smooth and therefore loads connected will generate more heat, more audio/video noise, and harmonic distortion than the pure or true sine waveform does.

True Sinewave Inverters

Because all electronic equipment and circuitry are designed to operate with a pure or true sine waveform, KISAE produces a complete line of branded pure sine wave power products. Loads will generate significantly less heat, audio/video noise and harmonic distortion when connected to KISAE’s pure sine wave power products. Better performing loads will mean longer circuit life and increased product longevity.

ABSO Inverter-Chargers

KISAE Abso inverter-charger products combine the best of our inverter and battery charger technologies. The pure sine wave inverter – ideal for operating audio/video applications and ensuring motor loads at optimal efficiency – converts 12V battery power into clean 120VAC household power. Maximum load can be up to 3000 watts.

The built-in charger function offers a fully automatic, multi-stage charge capability that quickly and efficiently builds the recharging of the electrolytes, optimizing the life of on-board expensive deep-cycle batteries.

Portable Power

Whether you need portable power for around your home, campsite, or worksite, KISAE Portable has a power solution for you.

Abso Battery Chargers

The KISAE Abso line of charger products offer a fully automatic, multi-stage charge capability that quickly and efficiently builds the recharging of the electrolytes, while also providing the ability to charge up to 3 separate battery banks simultaneously.

Solar Charge Controllers

KISAE Solar Charge Controllers provide maintenance-free protection for your batteries and solar panels. Designed for 12V batteries and solar panels, the KISAE controllers provide a regulated output to prevent batteries from overcharging.

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