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Magnetic Particle Yokes

Magnaflux - Yoke - Donison NDTMagnetic Particle Inspection Yokes tackle even the most demanding magnetic particle inspection jobs with ease.

There are three Yokes to choose from depending upon your specific NDT application needs, AC, AC/DC and battery operated. All models deliver outstanding performance and are rated among the most durable and powerful yokes on the market today.

Magnaflux® Yokes comply to ASTM E1444. The yokes feature solid state controls and articulating double-jointed contact legs for easy contouring to test parts.

The Y-1 yoke has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be the best in class and introduces a revolutionary new ergonomic approach to improving operator safety and performance by eliminating physical stress and job fatigue.

Magnaflux® Liquid Penetrant Inspection Equipment

Inspection units are designed for testing small, high volume automotive parts or tolerance critical surgical implants, Magnaflux offers a line of penetrant inspection equipment and supplies to meet the demands of your specific application.

Magnaflux Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) Systems have been engineered for critical part testing in industries with high inspection tolerances that require equipment that is easy to operate, built tough to standup to years of high volume use and offer outstanding repeatability.

All Magnaflux LPI units, both standard and custom build, are supported by comprehensive lines of materials and accessories optimized to ensure consistent test results across a variety of part sizes and industrial applications.

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