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ASCAN 2000™

Full Length Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection System (FLUT)

THE ASCAN 2000 is designed to meet the most stringent industry requirements for the full-body ultrasonic inspection of both new and used API drill-pipe, tubing and casing, as well as heavy-wall landing strings.  The ASCAN 2000 incorporates the latest in high-speed ultrasonic technology and utilizes a fully-computerized data-acquisition system. 

• Computerized Electronics System provides unequaled accuracy and advanced technology

• Large size capacity 2-3/8″ to 13-3/8″ Range 2 or 3 lengths*

• UT scanning heads with  adjustable transducer angles



Portable Full Length Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection System

The ASCAN-M is a portable, economic, computerized, multi-function, full-body/full-length ultrasonic inspection system (FLUT) designed to inspect oilfield tubulars with superior performance and accuracy.

The system has been designed from the ground up to bring mobility, affordability and ease of use to the forefront of the full length ultrasonic pipe inspection market. The ASCAN-M can be quickly set up on the rig-site, local pipe yards or docks to eliminate costly pipe trucking fees and downtime during the shipping process. The multi-channel ASCAN-M system scans the pipe by moving the scanner head down the rotating pipe.

The ASCAN-M is capable of detecting transverse flaws, longitudinal flaws and wall thickness variation. The system is designed to comply with DS-1 FLUT 1, and API RP 7G-2 (10.5, 10.6). 100% Wall Thickness coverage and measurement are obtained, with high degree of accuracy and productivity. Please contact us today to learn more about this exciting new product!



Accurate and Affordable Ultrasonic Wall Measurement System

The “ULTRAWALL” is a high-speed, computerized Ultrasonic Pipe Wall Thickness Measurement System that takes millions of wall thickness readings per minute on both ferrous or nonferrous tubes in a matter of seconds or minutes (depending on tube diameter) per joint.  Tube wall thicknesses can be measured and mapped in multi-dimensional presentations. 

Values such as minimum tube wall, average tube wall, minimum cross-section area, etc. are instantly available for review, spreadsheet entry, archiving, and printout.  100% Wall Thickness coverage and measurement are obtained, with high degree of accuracy and productivity

TechSonic EZ-III™

Ultrasonic Drill Pipe End Area Inspection System

New Tech’s PROVEN and IMPROVED TechSonic EZ-III incorporates the best ultrasonic technology available to the tubular inspection industry for inspection  of the “critical end area” or drill pipe.  In order for drill pipe inspection companies to have a competitive advantage and provide a complete, quality inspection service, they need to have the best equipment the industry has to offer. 

The TechSonic EZ-III is the answer!  Top performance, dependability,  the available DAQ-Tech™ Computer Data Acquisition System and a  competitive price make the “EZ the system of choice” for all inspection companies in today’s competitive and quality-driven petroleum industry.

Available secondary scanning head and wall thickness measurement function to increase productivity and capability.

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