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Taking Science To The Sewer

Nozzteq Sewer Nozzles and Cutters

Naturally we are proud of our innovations. When our first sewer jet nozzle was launched it was a minor revolution. Our root cutters and impact cutters have raised drain and sewer cleaning to new levels. NozzTeq® is first and foremost a problem solver and systems supplier. Come to us with your problem in the field of Pipe cleaning and we will develop a tailor-made solution. We are not satisfied with something which merely meets the technical specifications – products must do their job in practice.

To achieve that goal, everything we manufacture undergoes extensive tests. That is how NozzTeq® creates new possibilities for you as our customer. Throughout the years in cooperation NozzTeq® has created a number of new sewer and drain cleaning products, some so unique that they have been patented. Over time, those same products have become an obvious choice for everyone who works with water jetting and pipe cleaning. Yesterday’s innovations from NozzTeq® are taken for granted today. We are continually creating new sewer cleaning products which in the same self-evident way to make life easier for our customers.

The Importance of Hydrodynamic Design of Nozzles

In conventional nozzles, the thrusting jets come out at a 140-160 degrees compared to the incoming water in the nozzle. Where the flow in a 1″ (25mm) sewer cleaning hose is 80 gpm, the speed of the water in the hose is approx 28 mph. In a conventional nozzle the interior design creates turbulance and back pressure, resulting in poor thrusting jets with bad cleaning ability.

In a nozzle designed with water bearing walls (Gobin™), the cleaning ability improves radically compared with conventional nozzles. It is important that the water bearing walls are correctly designed and it really does not improve the performance of the nozzle much with a simple cone in the center of the nozzle.

In nozzles with correctly designed loops (Jaws™, Hammerhead™, C-Ray™, BL Missle, Orca), these are 97% efficient even according to NASSCO specs.



The Jaws® sewer nozzle may be our most sophisticated sewer nozzle, with scientifically designed conduits and spray angles that produce highly efficient, maximally powerful jetting streams at the nozzle end of the hose using relatively low truck-supplied water pressures.

Jaws 100 Nozzle

The Jaws 100® pipe nozzle take advantage of the tightly focused jet streams by deploying them at precisely calculated angles that are much flatter than other nozzle’s jetting angles.

BL Swiper Nozzle

BL SWIPER™ is a new patented sewer nozzle developed for cleaning sewers and storm water pipes in a cost-effective and resource saving manner (both money and environment).

BL Missile Nozzle

In the Predator™ series of nozzles you also will find the BL Missile™, developed to be used without a sled. A compact nozzle with optimal pull and thrusting power but with a design preventing the nozzle from getting stuck.

C-Ray Nozzle

The C-Ray™ series is the most effective bottom cleaner on the market by increasing the water speed with ”looping” the water around a patented system of individual conduits.

MANTA Nozzle

MANTA ™ is made for large pipe cleaning or cleaning of smaller pipes where debris is at the bottom of the pipe. MANTA has a tough inner design to handle the abrasiveness from re-cycling trucks.

Orca Nozzle

To clean larger pipes cost effectively there is a demand of higher flow nozzles. This is the reason why we have developed the Orca™ nozzle which allows you to connect two jetting units and receive double the water flow.

Fir Nozzles

Designed to clean out sewer or storm water pipes with roots that are clogged with debris or ice. This sewer nozzle will travel further into the pipe when the debris is a mixture of roots and dirt.

Custom Hand Nozzle

This nozzle, unlike other hand nozzles, is properly rated to withstand the pressure. The Custom Hand Nozzle has interchangeable jets allowing the operator to run at different pressures for safety.

Ice Bear Nozzle

The Ice Bear™ nozzles have a simple but effective flow design with the nozzle threaded to the top for less turbulence in the head of the nozzle. This results in, with the jet angles, good thrusting and debris moving power.

Fir Nozzles

The Multi-Global™ sewer nozzle can be setup in multiple configurations without purchasing different nozzles. It has up to 6 rear jets and 4 front stainless steel jets that can have penetrating capabilities or just general sewer cleaning nozzle with no front jets.

Global Super Penetrator

The Super Penetrator nozzles have a simple but effective flow design with the nozzle threaded to the top for less turbulence in the head of the nozzle. This results in, with the jet angles, good thrusting and debris moving power.

Spinner Nozzle

The Spinner™ series are developed for a flexible and effective removal of grease, smoother deposits, smaller roots etc. They have thrusting jets that are changeable according to your specifications, together with rotating adaptable propulsion 90° and 45° jets.

Super Goblin Grease Eater

Goblin Grease Eater is the original Laminar Flow sewer nozzle with 5/15 Degree jets, 5/30 Degree jets and optional front jet and now there is the option for 4 front jets. Most effective sewer nozzle for grease removal with a fixed jet pattern.

Lumberjack Cutter

The Lumberjack® chain cutter is the top selling, versatile, reliable, and user-friendly cutting nozzle on the market today. It’s a low-torque, high-speed cutter designed for use with the water pressures generated by most sewer jetting or combination trucks

Paikert Cutter

The Paikert™/Intruder is a low-speed, high-torque auger cutter designed to clear tough, stubborn pipe blockages like hardened concrete up to 5000 PSI, chemical and mineral buildups, protruding taps, tuberculation, and thick, woody roots.

Manhole Cleaner

The NozzTeq Manhole Cleaner features: Up to 5000 PSI., Stainless Steel Construction, Debris field to prevent arm damage, Safety cage prevents impact with surface, Maintenance Free, Available in 7 Sizes

Pipe Plug Products

Pipe plugs and pipeline testing equipment for the trenchless, underground, pipeline rehab, and water & sewer industries.

Monro-Jet Nozzle

MONRO-JET® enables you to combine the power of a solid-stream pencil jet with the large coverage of a fan jet. Its lightweight and sturdy design makes it easy to use for Hydro-Excavation.

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