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Planar Heaters

Marine and Truck Air Heaters

Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters Ltd. is the first Canadian Distributor of Teplostar/Advers Ltd. – Russian leading developer and manufacturer of the heating systems for commercial trucks, boats, heavy equipment, etc.

We sell Air Heaters PLANAR ranged from 11,000 BTU to 21,000 BTU directly to our customers and provide installation and service with 2-year warranty backed-up by the manufacturer. There are Hydronic Heating Systems BINAR (17,000 BTU) and TEPLOSTAR (41,000 BT) available too.

About the manufacturer

Teplostar/Advers Ltd. is a Russian leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of various heating systems for commercial trucks, boats, motor homes, heavy equipment, etc.

Since 1995 the company has been focused on providing reliable, efficient, and affordable products which can be used in the most severe conditions.

Today, the company owns R&D and manufacturing facilities in three regions across the country with over 1,000 employees and with a production capacity of 200,000 units per year.

There are four product families available today:

  • Forced Air Heating Systems PLANAR
  • Hydronic Heating Systems TEPLOSTAR
  • Hydronic Heating Systems BINAR
  • Hot Gas Blowers TERMMIKS

Starting from 2003 the heaters Teplostar and Planar have been supplied to the leading truck and heavy equipment manufacturers in Russia and Belarus – KAMAZ, MAZ, URALAZ. The average monthly supply has reached 3,000 units per month. The heaters have demonstrated high efficiency and reliability in an extremely harsh environment and severe climate.

In 2007 Advers/Teplostar Ltd.received ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

In 2009 the company received ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System Certificate.

The company received over 20 patents on various technical solutions implemented in the heating systems.

Diesel Air Heaters Planar

For heating interior of boats, truck cabins, motor homes, buses etc. The heaters Planar are compact and efficient, do not require any specific maintenance.

• Four models to chose from:

Planar 2D-12 / -24   –  2,700÷3,200 BTU/hr
Planar 4DM-12 / -24 – 3,200÷11,000 BTU/hr
Planar 44D-12 / -24 – 3,200÷13,600 BTU/hr
Planar 8DM-12 /-24 – 6,300÷21,000 (25,600) BTU/hr

• 12 V and 24 V modifications available
• Variable application for interior cabin heating
• Low consumption of fuel and power
• User friendly operating control with two operating modes:
Temperature Mode
Power Mode
• Step-less heating regulator and silent operation
• Self-diagnostic system with malfunction code table

Hydronic Heaters BINAR 5 and 14TS-Mini

Hydronic heaters BINAR 5 and 14TS-Mini

Coolant heaters are the most efficient and reliable solution to provide heat for trucks, heavy equipment, boats, cars, motor-homes, buses.

The heaters BINAR-5 and 14TS-Mini are the great way to save cost of fuel in compliance with “NO IDLING ZONE” regulations.

With our heaters boaters can have all-year-around boating season.

The heaters work independently from engine. They heat up engine coolant to provide easy start at low temperature. At the same time they supply hot air to car/truck cabin keeping it warm and comfortable.

Coolant heaters installed in recreational boats heat and pump coolant thru boat heating system and main engine. You will have peace of mind having warm and comfortable interior and pre-heated engine for easy start.

Heaters BINAR-5  and 14TS-Mini have programmable start and stop control and automatically maintain pre-set engine and cabin temperature.

Each heater comes with complete installation kit and 2-year warranty.


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