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Why pay more than you should for Security Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras? That is what we asked ourselves many times. We finally decided to do something about it. SecurityCameraKing.com is an offshoot of our successful security integration business.

We have forged alliances with major manufacturers of CCTV Equipment, Security Cameras and Security DVRs in order to bring better quality products to our customers for less. Now you can benefit from these savings. We have scoured the globe to find the best value available in CCTV Equipment, and Security DVRs without sacrificing quality. We will never sell any equipment that we don’t use ourselves.

Complete Security Camera Systems

For those people that prefer a complete security camera system, we have made it easier for you to find what you need. While you can select each piece of equipment you want individually, we created these complete systems using all of our most popular cameras and recorders.

Each system includes most if not all the components you will need to install your own surveillance system. We have included the security cameras, the recorders, all cables and connectors. The cameras and recorders were selected based on our most popular and fastest selling products.

Elite Mini Economy Security Camera Surveillance System

Our Elite Mini Economy Security Camera Surveillance System is our absolute best value, but don’t let its low price fool you. Even though this is OUR entry level system, it is still way ahead of most of the competition. This complete surveillance system features our Elite Mini Economy DVR which is available in either a 4, 8 or 16 camera system. All channels in this system can record real-time (30fps) video at CIF resolution (360×240) and also offers D1 (720×480) resolution on all channels. It also has HDMI, VGA and BNC video outputs which can all be used at the same time.

It can record audio on one channel and support 2 way audio as well. This package comes standard with our best value in security cameras. They are 600tvl CMOS sensor cameras which you can upgrade to even higher resolutions if you wish. The standard cables are easy plug and play cables which can be upgraded to rolls of Siamese cable if you prefer. We also offer many different storage options. All of our recorders, regardless of the price support our free IPhone, IPad, Android and Android Tablet applications as well as our video management software which allows you to connect to multiple DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras at once.

Elite Security Camera Package

Next up is our Elite Security Camera Package which is the big brother of our Elite Mini Economy System. This system is similar except the recorder is a larger 2U DVR instead of the smaller 1U DVR. It increase the storage capacity from 1 Hard Drive to 4 Hard Drives which allows for much more storage. Additionally, you now get audio for every channel and there are video loop-outs for every channel as well that allows you to set up individual spot monitors for individual channels. There is also an extra fan and this unit includes the rack mount wings so that you can install the recorder in a computer rack.

This system is 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera configurations. Our Ultimate Mini Surveillance System takes it up a notch. This system can record CIF resolution (360×240) or D1 resolution (720×480) in real-time. This means that you can have 4 times greater resolution when doing real-time recording. Also, this unit increases the storage capacity from one to two hard drives. This system is available in 4,8 and 16 camera configurations.

Network IP camera systems

We also offer amazing values in Network IP camera systems. Our Elite Mini NVR Megapixel Security Camera System features our Elite Mini NVR. This NVR can record up to 2 Megapixel Resolution (1080p realtime recording) through the network. There are so many benefits to using our network recorders it is an obvious choice when it comes to ease of installation and video quality. These NVRs operate almost the same as all of our DVRs.

The GUI, menus and options are nearly identical so if you know how to use our DVRs, it will be an easy transition to our NVRs. Also, all of our smart phone and tablet applications and our video management software work with our NVRs and IP cameras as well. So you can mix and match systems or even upgrade your existing system with our NVRs.

Our Elite Mini NVR accommodates up to two internal hard drives and has a VGA and HDMI video output which can both be used at the same time. Our NVRs are all ONVIF compliant so most brands of IP cameras that are also ONVIF compliant will work with our NVRs. The cameras included standard in this package is our IPOD-EL1MPIR50 which is an amazing value in an indoor/outdoor 1.3 Megapixel IR Dome. We have also included the cables and power supply (POE Switch) to make this a complete package.

Ultimate Mini System

The big brother to the Ultimate Mini System is our Ultimate Security Camera Package. The recorder in this package is our 2U case and it increases the storage capacity to 8 internal hard drives! This is a huge increase in storage capacity and there are not many units that can compete with this.

Additionally, this 2U Ultimate Series DVR adds the Loop Outs and Audio for all channels and this unit also records D1 Resolution (or CIF) on all channels in Realtime (30fps). Of course, this DVR is rack mountable. This system is available in 4,8, 16 and 32 camera configurations.

Elite NVR Megapixel Security Camera System

The Elite NVR Megapixel Security Camera System is basically the same system, but the Network Video Recorder has been upgraded to our Elite Series NVR which is the larger 2U version that increases the internal storage from 2 hard drives to 8 internal hard drives! Additionally, this unit can be rack mounted for convenience.

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8 Channel Security Camera Systems

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64 Channel Security Camera Systems

64 Channel Security Camera Systems

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